How Resonance Gets Amplified from Nano to Macro-scale

Vortex created by aircraft wing (public domain image.)

Vortex created by aircraft wing (public domain image.)

Here’s a great explanation from the folks at E-Catworld, about plasmonic “Optical Tornadoes” created by a process called Vortex Nanogear Transmission, that not only goes a very long way to help us understand the seemingly mysterious process underlying Cold Fusion and Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) but also, in my mind, many other related resonant-type phenomena like the strange effects of crop circles on cameras and batteries.

Total Sensory Awareness retreat–Angel Valley, Sedona AZ

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The Citizen Hearing launches Congressional Hearing Initiative

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, sponsored by the Paradigm Research Group, has launching its Congressional Hearing Initiative, whose aim is to educate members of Congress about the 5-day testimony given by former aerospace, military, and intelligence employees in April, 2013 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The proceedings were governed by 5 former members of Congress. People interested in participating can use this link to learn how to fax, email, and contact their representatives in Congress so they are better informed about this important and timely subject.

E-Cat Third Party Report Expected Soon

800px-ResonanceThe long awaited third-party independent report on the so-called “E-Cat” engine is due out soon. Also known as the Energy Catalyzer created by Ernesto Rossi, this nickel-hydrogen based technology, and a relative of Cold Fusion, has the potential to change the energy landscape of planet Earth in a multitude of ways. It purportedly works by creating a resonant low energy fusion reaction between the hydrogen and nickel atoms in a way that has never been achieved before but does not violate Quantum Mechanics. The E-cat allegedly produces heat and electricity for as low as 1 cents per kilowatt with no combustion or dangerous by-products. Follow the possibly breaking developments at (I personally check this site daily.)

New research shows Cold Fusion energy depends on resonance

Neutron particles in Cold Fusion reaction

Neutron particles in Cold Fusion reaction

New research shows that Cold Fusion energy is a real phenomenon and depends on the resonance and morphology of the materials used for the reaction to be sustained. Click here for my report from the Society for Scientific Exploration meeting, June, 2014. Cold Fusion is a relative of LENR — Low Energy Nuclear Reaction — the process thought to be responsible for the energy produced by the Rossi E-Cat.

What is resonance?

Welcome to Institute for Resonance, a member of the International Association for New Science, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Colorado company. We’re here to help you learn about resonance and upgrade your skills, knowledge and capabilities in the subjects of viewing, creativity, and hyper-intuition. See Dr. Hein’s video above to learn more about the science of resonance and its applications for human potential and intuitive ability.

We believe that this type of educational perspective in especially necessary now to conter-act the fractal and temporal flattening effects of modern technology and highly integrated or connected electronic information systems. Read more about “fractal flattening” here.