Educational Outreach

Educating Younger People and Children with UNIVIEW and the 4-Step OPIC Training System

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Dr. Simeon Hein has been teaching resonant viewing for over fifteen years in many different countries. The Institute for Resonance was founded in 2002 to help more people cultivate this practical and far-reaching skill.

Creating a Bridge to the Future

The main benefit to individuals who learn to improve this remarkable skill is to enhance parts of brain central to perception and data acquisition. We call it “opening the aperture.” Substantial research has shown that nearly everyone is capable to doing this.

Next Generation Tools for Expanding Minds

We’ve developed an easily teachable methodology, that we call UNIVIEW, that can easily be taught to adults and young adults in less than an hour. This system is simple and gets good results in a short amount of time. We look forward to teaching new generations how to fully activate their minds and subtle senses.

Simplified Viewing with OPIC

One of the main challenges of our era is to teach valuable skills to younger people. We believe that teaching children to pay attention to and honor their intuitions is a worthy goal with many social and economic benefits. To this end we have created the OPIC 4-step methodology that simplifies viewing for children: Observe, Pay attention, Investigate, Contact. Children who learn the basics of OPIC are more prepared to deal with complex situations where analytical reasoning may be insufficient to deal with unknown elements in their environment. In this way, children will be more likely to recognize when a dangerous situation might exist and take appropriate action rather than ignoring their gut feelings that tell them something’s wrong. This could significantly increase our nation’s security and the overall intelligence and creativity of children who learn this valuable skill.