Reach for the Incredible

What is “Reach for the Incredible”? It’s my new training program through the Institute for Resonance to help people reach their full potential by engaging the vast capacities of the human imagination. When we use our imagination as a tool, we can access bigger possibilities and potentials for ourselves, and achieve personal and spiritual growth, in ways that are typically out of range of our conscious minds. Stay tuned for upcoming “Reach for the Incredible” classes and events.

There are four simple principles to this viewpoint:

  1. Nature continually creates amazing structures and processes beyond the grasp of our imaginations.
  2. Human minds are intrinsically limited by culture and upbringing.
  3. In our universe, things are always evolving.
  4. Hence, there are things and facts that are true, seemingly incredible and hard to prove, that we don’t accept or believe in, despite evidence to the contrary.